If you are a Turk living in Europe, who should you listen to? Should you listen to Macron who condemns the Islamic terrorism, or should you listen to Erdogan who condemns Macron for condemning Islam? Are you loyal to your origin country and religion, or to the country where you live? Moreover, how should the European governments deal with these Turkish, and Islamic, minorities? That is a question that is gaining in relevance as tensions rise between France and Erdogan. That is the Turkish question.

It really is not an easy choice, but the consequences are real. What happens when a conflict between the EU and Turkey escalates, while millions of Turks are EU citizens? How will they react? Imagine that madman Erdogan blows things up to the extend that war begins. What then?

The Americans put the Japanese in internment camps during the Second World War. Similar to the German camps for Jews, communists and other anti-National-Socialist activists, minus the mass extermination. Should Europe follow the same approach? Or are we too progressive for that? But if we don’t, then won’t the Turks attempt to boycott the war effort on the home front? Can you win a war when your entire Muslim minority supports the enemy?

The Question; When Is the Turkish Minority a Problem?

We wonder at what percentage point would such a war become unwinnable? At 5%? At 10%? Surely at 50% you cannot win. So somewhere, there is a tipping point. That is part of the Turkish question. Europe created the EU to be stronger internationally, but its open border policies are weakening its abilities to take action against outsiders. There are already an estimated 5.5 million Turks living in western Europe.

Strategically, what the EU says it wants, and what it does, are going in opposite course. Countries like the Netherlands or Germany will think twice before strongly opposing Erdogan, as their utterances may bring civil unrest in their own countries.

Diversity, a strength?

The Turkish Question
Ottoman children being taught what to believe and think.

The Migration Myth

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