How Uncontrolled, Unrestricted, and Unlimited Migration Destroys the West

On this website, we have tried to counter many of the false narratives that promote migration into Europe. Moreover, we have shown that the demographic change into Europe is real, and the consequences will be dire. Joseph R. Oxfield has gone one step further and written a book, ‘The Migration Myth‘.

The Migration Myth

Now, we have taken those points together and published a book detailing all the problems with the pro-migration propaganda. The topics discussed on this site, and many more, are outlined in detail in the book. It demolishes the globalist talking points, and attempts to refocus the debate to real problems for which we need to find real solutions.

The Migration Myth

The Migration Myth is available on Amazon worldwide, both in paperback format as well as in e-book format. For Amazon Prime members, the book is available on KindleUnlimited for free.

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Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Canada, on all other Amazon marketplaces (new ones are launching all the time) just look for the ASIN: B08LZZJPBL.

The book will ensure you can out-debate your friends and family members. It’s nuanced and explains the negative effects of migration, as well as why the benefits are not really benefits. It does not deny we have demographic problems in the native populations, but there are alternatives beyond migration, that create a better long-term solution to real problems.

We believe that if you enjoyed the articles on this website, you will enjoy this book. Give it as a gift to your liberal, globalist friends. Christmas is coming up after all. In order to end this migration mania, we have to reach out to as many people as we can to counter their nonsensical beliefs.

Either we manage to change the world, or we will watch it disintegrate.