The last couple of centuries, Western Europe witnessed technological development and relative stability. Since the Napoleonic era, wars have been short, generally lasting only a few years. Afterwards, life returned to normal. This trend came to its ultimate climax after World War 2, granting Western Europe more than seven decades of continuous peace. This peace and stability has been an essential fundament to the rise of individualism. It was only once our grander conflicts ceased, that we could focus on our petty internal conflicts.

The Spartan Army
The Spartan Army

There is No Morality in Individualism

Individualism is not a high moral value, it is not a form of progress. Individualism opposes connection, it opposes group bonding. The individual arises in a world void of meaning. Anyone preaching individualism as the ultimate state of Western culture, has an extraordinarily odd view of what Western culture is.

Easy to Govern

The great benefit that individualism brings is that it is easier for a government to rule and maintain power. Who opposes the state, when the people are so utterly disunited? The individual feels no loyalty to Church nor family, so who would he stand up for? Disgruntled as he may be, he alone is powerless to oppose the government. The individual can of course align himself with a political party, but the party again only serves to protect the interests of a visionless group of individuals without any overarching set of moral values or desires. What’s more, with mass media aligned to globalist politicians, it is doubtful the individual even chooses in his own best interest.


This brings us to the next point – propaganda is most effective when applied to an atomized individual. It allows the uprooted individual to connect to ‘the hive’. Yet, the hive is not sum of individuals, it is instead a reduction of the individual.

Renew your Bonds

Before the West can find its strength again, it must absolutely and completely reject individualism and form new bonds. First, the bonds of family, second, the bonds of religion, and third, the bonds of the nation.