Here at the Clovis Institute, we wish to preserve culture, traditions, and peoples. However, we also wish to preserve the earth as a whole. None of the above are able to exist without a livable planet.

Palm oil destroys the rainforest
Palm Oil Destroys the Rainforest

CO2 Emissions

While left-wing ‘green’ parties are focusing solely on CO2 emissions, the world is destroyed one tree at a time. One of those killers comes in the form of palm oil plantations. Palm oil is cheap to produce, and a lot more efficient than sunflower or rapeseed oil in terms of land needed to produce a liter of oil. The problem is the kind of land required for palm trees to grow. They grow in place of the rainforests. Those rainforests are simply burned down to create free land and install a monoculture of palm trees.


One of the most famous products produced with the help of palm oil is Nutella. Nutella and similar products such as ‘Duo Penotti’ are basically a mixture of palm oil and sugar, with a few additional ingredients. The Nutella marketing team has succeeded in making it a hip product, popular on the internet and huge online communities such as Reddit. Though, hip as it may be, Nutella’s use of palm oil is actively aiding the destruction of the rainforest. Plenty of other products use palm oil to some degree, justified by the claim that their palm oil is sustainable. But what is sustainable about burning down the rainforest?

The Green Lie

The Green Lie is a German documentary detailing the problems in the palm oil industry. Yet, despite information regarding this problem being available, governments decide to stick their heads in the sand. Addressing the palm oil problem would put an end to cheap plant oil, and disturb global supply chains, affecting the prices people have to pay for their groceries. In order to subdue inflation and keep prices affordable, governments eagerly pretend problems such as these do not exist. Instead, they sell the rights for CO2 emissions, a minor cost for multinational corporations that they happily pay while they continue to destroy our one and only earth.