Forbidden Statistics, Non-Western Immigrant Crime in Europe
Forbidden Statistics, by Joseph R. Oxfield

There are certain topics that appear to be forbidden, banned, simply not allowed. One of those is the overrepresentation of non-Western immigrants in crime statistics. They are literally forbidden statistics in many countries. Sensational websites such as (now offline) used to publish stories about gang rapes, riots, and other crimes where the perpetrator was – always – an immigrant. Most people seem to deny the overrepresentation of non-Western immigrants in crime, claiming it is purely due a bias in ‘racist’ websites such as This made me wonder, is that the case? Am I stuck in a bubble that promotes migrant crime articles? Or is there a truth behind it?

What about these forbidden statistics?

So, I set out to investigate. Not just for one country, but for all of Europe. One country at a time, I checked the available statistics on crime, I checked the role of immigrants when it came to crime. Not all countries tracked proper statistics, as many didn’t track differences between immigrants and native populations. Though, somehow, for nearly every country some form of statistics were available. We found some statistics, some research papers. The results were perhaps not surprising. Non-Western immigrants engage in more criminal behavior everywhere.

Who are these forbidden statistics about?

Not all non-Western immigrants contributed to this overrepresentation. Frankly, the division was easy to make. Those from Africa and those from Muslim countries pushed crime upward. The Chinese and Japanese actually pushed crime rates down. On the other hand, other places, like Eastern Europe, had some influence on crime rates, but these increases were minimal compared to those from the non-Western immigrants.

But why?

However, the question then remains, why do they commit more crime? The book discusses all viable hypotheses one by one, judging whether they have any merit in them, and whether they make sense or not. We can easily discard most of the common excuses that people give. Do you want to read more on this subject and learn more on migrant crime in Europe? Then order the book ‘Forbidden Statistics: Non-Western Immigrant Crime in Europe’ on Amazon today.

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