The eternal struggle of Good versus Evil

One of the basic principles of government, is that it is there to protect its citizens. Without that, why does the government even exist? Why would it be allowed to exist and extract resources from the population? Should we not be constantly vigilant to ensure that government serves to benefit the people that it rules over?

A Just King

A just, rightful, king in Medieval times, was a king that would take care of his people. He would improve their standards of living. He would bring them protection. The benevolent king would make their lives better.

An Unjust King

An unjust, tyrannous, king in Medieval times, was a king that would do as he pleased. He would empty the coffers of the nation on his own vanity. He would waste his time on parties, getting drunk, and sex. The tyrant would be more obsessed with his own glory, than with helping the people.

The Just King Would…

The just king would build castles to defend against invaders. He would build lighthouses to aid the fishermen. He would give the people what they needed. The army would be there for defence, and war was a necessity. The king was there to serve the people. Like a father taking care of the family.

The Unjust King Would…

The unjust king would build castles to allow him to strike down rebellion. He would build statues and monuments in his own honour. The people were there to serve him. The people were there to work as hard as they could. And the people were there, for him to take money from them. The army would be there to defend against uprisings, or to be sent on expeditions of plunder, to fill the king’s coffers.

The King Is Dead, Long Live The Democracy

Nowadays we have democracy. A government of the people, for the people, by the people. Yet the line from the people to the bureaucrats in Brussels is a long one. Oversight is non-existent and the bureaucrats work in the shadows. Does this democracy act like a just king? Or is it a tyrant? Albeit a tyrant with many heads…

The EU As A Father

The focus of the European Union seems to be to help as many refugees as it can. The just king may act like the father of the household, but if the EU would be the father of the household, it would be a very strange family.

Share Everything Children, Except The Work!

The father’s own children would be forced to make way, and share their food with children arriving from other families. The father’s own children would have to work in the fields, while these strangers would get food and clothes for free. And every once in a while, a stranger that was welcomed into the house, would beat up or stab one of the father’s own children.

The House Is Full Children, Therefore Stay Childless! But Oh, Let’s Welcome In More Strangers!

The father would advise his own children to not have any more children, and not make him a grandfather, because the house was already so full. Yet the father would welcome every newcomer that rang the bell. The father would even take his carriage, and pick up new strangers standing by the side of the road.

Do Not Resist, O Children

And what would happen if his own children would question his actions? What if they would ask their father if he knew what he was doing? What if they would tell him they were tired of inviting strangers into their house?

The father would get furious! He would fume and scold the child for being so heartless and cruel. If the child persisted, his father would accuse him of ‘hatespeech’ and lock the child in their room. The same would happen when the other children did not want to share the food that they had worked for, with the other children did nothing all day. The poor child had no bad intentions, it only wanted to look out for his fellow brothers and sisters that saw the portions on their plate shrink by the day.

The EU Is A Tyrannical Father

Can such a father not be deemed a tyrant? Whose interests does he serve? Clearly he does not care about the well-being of his own children. He does not care about increasing their standard of living. No, he only creates division among the children, by adding many strangers. Divided, his children can never revolt against him. His position of power is secured.

Divide And Conquer

Divide and Conquer. The ancient maxim to ensure you can remain in power. It was never the just king that applied this, for there was never any need for him to do so. The tyrants, they loved this method. They knew it was the key for them to remain in power and prevent rebellion.

The European Union clearly does not have the best interests for their own citizens in mind. It simply extracts taxes from them, it tries to jail anyone that opposes it, and it invites strangers into Europe about whom it seems to care more than its own citizens.

Democracy? Yes. Just rule? No.