Recently, the European Union has scaled up its struggle against Hungarian sovereignty. Laws against homosexual propaganda triggered the latest stir, but the real issue at hand is not one that has anything to do with the advertisement of sodomy in elementary schools.

The Return of the Crusader, 1835 (oil on canvas) by Lessing, Carl Friedrich (1808-80)

The real question is: ‘Who gets to decide?’

Does Hungary get to decide what is permitted in their schools, or is it up to the European Union? Heads of State were eager and quick in their condemnation of Hungary, for how dare they be so unprogressive! Surely such behavior cannot be tolerated within the European Union, a Union that wishes to be known for its moral highground, progressiveness, and global role modeling.

The Problem of Sovereignty

We’ve mentioned the elemental conflict of sovereignty in the European Union before here at the Clovis Institute, but most conflicts of sovereignty remain hidden and are dealt with by politicians and their shenanigans in dark rooms away from public eye. Pro-EU politicians prefer to bow down to EU demands, even when it is in conflict with their national interest – for the sake of the union. Due to Orban’s defiance, this conflict has exploded and has become visible for all to see.

Diversity of Ideology

Europe’s power, for centuries, has been the ability for competing ideas to persist and thrive throughout Europe’s countless little states. Now, it should be clear to everyone that the EU does not appreciate such diversity of ideology, and instead desires to force it’s ‘progressive’ and ‘green’ vision onto the entire continent. The Hungarian conservative view on the world thus has no place in this union. Either Hungary changes (voluntarily or not), or there’ll be no space for Hungary in the European Union. Some other Eastern European countries find themselves in a similar spot, most notably Poland.

The European Union Aims For Total Control

Even if the European Union gives up and gives Hungary this victory, it will only be temporary. The Union is very clear in expressing its goals. The maintenance of national sovereignty is not one of them. Thus, we can expect the EU to continue its consolidation of power. Once power is sufficiently consolidated, it can take on any defiance head to head. In the meantime, the media does its part in demonizing Hungary. This beautiful nation gets depicted as barbarians with a medieval mindset. The Hungarians need to be civilized.

You Must Be Tolerant

Ironically, the EU claims to reject moral objectivity. Different cultures and religions are welcomed. Yet, are morals not a part of culture? Different morality then, is allowed to exist in the individual. That is to say as much that you can do whatever you want as long as you pay your taxes and submit to the state. Hungary is not allowed to deviate from the dominant ‘progressive’ and ‘tolerant’ morality.

Cannot Tolerate Hungary!

Islamic schools can teach what they want. Sweden can suffer from a rape epidemic. The United Kingdom can hide and downplay the existence of grooming gangs. Crime moves upward. And those that oppose such measures can be banned from platforms, arrested in real life, or have their free speech restricted in whatever other way – using every tool they have in their arsenal. But when Hungary decides it does not wish to ‘educate’ small children about the joys of homosexuality, then such a behavior simply cannot be tolerated!

The world we live in is absurd, and the quote from St. Anthony comes to mind.

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.”

Saint Anthony the Great