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The Danish Way – Say No to Immigration

Denmark, a country with 5.8 million inhabitants just north of Germany. Despite proximity, the Danish attitude is very different. Mette Frederiksen is Prime Minister of Denmark for the Social Democrats. Now, she announced that Denmark has the target of zero asylum seekers in Denmark, in order to protect social cohesion.

The Social Democrats

The Social Democrats won the elections by changing their attitude towards immigration. Despite such left-wing parties in Europe usually supporting an open and welcoming immigration policy, the Danish Social Democrats embraced an anti-immigration point of view. A view that led them to victory, combining welfare policies important for voters on the left, with immigration views that are important to the right.

Social Cohesion

It is interesting that the Danish Prime Minister says that they oppose immigration in order to uphold social cohesion. In most European countries, saying that immigrants disturb the social fabric of a country is considered an extremist point of view, and gets you a comparison to the Nazi’s.

The Netherlands and France

The Danish Social Democrats are not the only ones that wish to combine welfare policies with an anti-immigration stance. Geert Wilders with his Freedom Party (PVV) in the Netherlands, and Le Pen in France follow a similar strategy. It is curious how these are placed in the ‘extreme right-wing’ category, while the closed-border socialists in Denmark are considered a regular part of the European left-wing.

Immigration Minister

Besides it being uncommon to have an immigration minister, the Danish quotes coming from the immigration minister are even more interesting. “Whenever possible, it is only natural for refugees to travel back to their homeland,” he said. “I am glad that we can give people protection while it is needed. But I’m also happy every time a refugee can return home.” As normal as such a statement may sound, it is almost ‘not done’ in mainland Europe to say you are happy about migrants leaving the country. Indeed, if migrants bring diversity, and diversity brings strength, we ought to be sad to see them go.

Non-Western Immigrants

“We want to introduce a cap on the number of non-Western foreigners who can come to Denmark,” Social Democrats leader Mette Frederiksen said in a 44-page document which focused in particular on asylum seekers from Africa. “We want to reform our asylum system, among other things, by setting up reception centres outside Europe, and in the future it will not be possible for refugees to obtain asylum in Denmark outside quotas set by the United Nations.”

Congratulations Denmark

Denmark has embraced a policy considered extreme in the rest of Europe, but is perfectly sensible. They protect social cohesion, and wish to help victims of war and famine by setting up help outside of Europe. Moreover, Denmark has taken this policy away from just ‘the right’ and shown that left-wing parties can do the same. Denmark acknowledges that immigration is not a strength, nor a necessity. Perhaps they have read ‘The Migration Myth‘, and discovered the truth regarding current European migration policies.

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  1. Don’t be fooled! She is a social democrat and as expected she is breaking all the promises she made to get elected. The plan to destroy the indigenous cultures and the nation states of Europe continues.

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