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Sweden – Dying to be Multicultural

The New Multicultural Sweden

Sweden is mentioned here frequently, because there is a lot to say about Sweden. We have shared a documentary on Sweden before. We have spoken about the future of Sweden. And we have rebutted the arguments against our article on Sweden. Today, we’ll show you another documentary on Sweden, and discuss some of the main findings from the documentary.

Demographic Shift

Right at the start Pelle Neroth shares the prediction that by 2040 the Swedes will be a minority in their own country. This is even sooner than our own predictions, which seem to be on the optimistic side. Why should we care about that?

The Culture

In the next point, they wonder what will happen to the Swedish culture if this happens. Later on in the documentary, we see a proponent of migration raise the question of ”What is Swedish culture?”. A culture is generally hard to describe, but that does not mean it is not worth preserving. To be multicultural, is equal to down-grading your own culture.

The Refugees

Shortly after, it asks the question why Sweden spends so much on hosting these refugees? They spend more on this small group of refugees than the United Nation’s entire budget for refugees worldwide. We have previously asked the same question – if our goal is to help people, why not help them in local refugee camps? We are able to reach a much, much bigger group of people.

The Brain Drain

Moreover, it asks the question who will rebuild Syria with all its men moved abroad. Since they received permanent residencies, it is doubtful they would ever return. Just like Europe needed rebuilding after World War 2, so Syria will need rebuilding after its war. It is ignorant to believe life in Syria will never return to normal, or that nobody can ever live in the country again. Once the violence ends, the reconstruction begins. Syria cannot handle that when all its energetic young people have left the country, never to return.

The Values

How many believe Islam is more important than Swedish culture and laws? It seems this is something worth investigating, as surveys from the United Kingdom indicate a fundamentally different set of values.

The Schools

The most multicultural school was closed in 2015 after a surge of violence among the pupils. Additionally, only one in ten pupils graduated the school. The students even say they know people that sympathize with ISIS.

A professor was accused of racism for lecturing John Stuart Mill. In the end he says he was acquitted of racism. Yet, how is teaching a class on some of the brightest minds in history worthy of a claim of racism in the first place? Academia in Sweden appears to be under severe influence to be politically correct. Non-compliance results in not employed.

The Employment

Speaking of employment; only one in five immigrants has a job after eight years. How will this help with the maintenance of the welfare state? The proponents of migration say we need migrants, to fill the gaps in the labour market as the European population ages. In reality, however, it appears the migrants only put further pressure on the welfare system by becoming beneficiaries.

To understand the situation in Sweden a bit better, we recommend watching the one-hour documentary.

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