Hermes, messenger of the Gods

Hermes, messenger of the Gods

Guest Submissions

The Clovis Institute will sometimes share guest submissions. The article below was shared with us by Rob Miller, with the original article posted here.

The Open Letter

I must admit, I write this with mixed feelings. While I have a number of British friends and acquaintances,  I’m afraid I have little respect left as a whole for what Britain has become  today.

Whatever else can be said, Great Britain was once one of the free, civilized nations of the world, a country that exemplified the rule of law and the love of freedom. As many of you may now realize, that isn’t true anymore, and that saddens me. What’s happened recently will pretty much end Britain’s days as a beacon of liberty.

Britain’s Surrender

You see,  the UK has essentially surrendered to Brussels and to Germany in the final Brexit agreement. Theresa May’s government (remember, she was an anti-Brexit remainer) agreed to a ‘transition period’ lasting until 2022. And during this time, the UK will follow all EU policies without having any voice in making them!

Britain, under the new deal with the EU will not even be able to regain full control of UK fisheries. Not only that, the proportion of fish that UK fishermen are allowed to catch from their own waters would be controlled by the EU and its laws, not the UK’s.

Parliament will have a vote on this, but they will almost certainly go along unless something surprising happens, since Labour, a chunk of the Tories and the Scottish National Party will all likely  vote to implement this barring something surprising happening.

Essentially, the brief, shining victory of Brexit has been cynically transformed by your leaders and elites into a surrender…after which, we can rest assured that a very different  British government will apply for re-admission if the EU even still exists at that point.

Muslim Immigration Will Continue

And there’s also this. According to this new agreement,  Britain’s borders will remain open to Muslim migrants and ‘refugees’ for the entire period. Indeed, all European Union citizens and ‘residents’ coming to the United Kingdom through this period into the 2020’s will have full rights forever, under what the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier called a “new resident status,” saying this would give those citizens “legal certainty.”

So the UK will have no say in who comes to Britain, or how long they can stay. Nor will they have any right to remove them. Allahu Akbar!

Aside from the economic slavery involved, think about what this surrender is going to mean. If you think Britain has a problem with restive Muslim migrants now, just wait a few years as even more of them flock to the UK. They’re already out breeding you, and given the large number of them on the dole, you’re paying through the nose to facilitate the takeover of your own country.

Image result for islamism in the uk

Public Safety

And public safety? A lot of your police even now were prepared to follow orders and protect their jobs and pensions by keeping quiet and hiding something they knew full well was going on…Muslims gangs raping literally hundreds of British underage girls and using them as prostitutes.

Your police have even stooped to the level of obeying orders from their superiors not to prosecute Muslims for clear violations of British law!

Since it’s a bit hard to decipher in places because it was obviously recorded clandestinely, I’ll tell you what’s on this video. Muslims have been publicly praying in a Royal Park in London, which is a blatant violation of British law. London’s Metropolitan Police have deliberately refrained from enforcing that law, but in this case, the police are caught red handed. First, the police try to  lie and claim the law doesn’t exist until someone actually reads them the exact wording and statute number. Then they finally admit that they have orders from their superiors not to enforce the law against Muslims and only Muslims!

Then, the police sergeant keeps asking this brave thought criminal to give him her ‘details’ which she wisely refuses to do, especially since she’s also surrounded by a number of outraged, aggressive Muslims. And anyway, giving your real name and address to London’s police in these situations when you’re already labeled an ‘Islamophobe’ and a ‘racist’ has consistently proven to be unwise.

How many other laws have your police been instructed to ignore when it comes to Muslims?

Muslim Police

Do you really think this situation isn’t going to get even worse in the future you have coming unless you do something about it? The British Police are going out of their way to recruit more Muslim police officers as I write this. And rest assured that a number of them will be fast tracked for promotion and supervisory positions.  As this process matures, for the most part the police will defend you even less in the future than they do now. Once Islam really takes over your country, you will fear to even let your daughters, sisters  or wives walk to school or to market. British girls will be abducted off the streets, gang raped, and beaten until they are forced to say the shehadah and covert to Islam. And after that, they will be ‘married’ to one of the perpetrators and you will never even be allowed to see them again without their lord and master’s consent. You think I’m exaggerating? This has already happened to a great many Christian girls living in Egypt, Pakistan and other Muslim dominated countries. Do you think it won’t happen in Britain? Do you imagine your churches won’t be bombed or burned to the ground? They will.

Surrender, Flee, or Fight

This is what’s coming unless you stop it. If you don’t, you really have only three choices. You can surrender, flee if you can, or fight. Surrendering involves either converting to Islam or living the life of a dhimmi, without even the right to testify in court and paying the jizrah tax to your Muslim overlords for the privilege of living according to their whims. Fleeing would mean migrating to Australia, New Zealand, Canada or America for the most part, assuming you can get in.If you can’t or won’t do either and you don’t fancy the life of a slave, the remaining choice is to fight. And the longer you avoid it, the tougher it’s going to be.

There are several serious obstacles you will need to overcome if you choose the third option. First, you have allowed yourselves to be disarmed, and that will need to change. Second you need to organize, and given the placid response by the British people to what’s been done to you so far, arousing them  may take some doing. And third, you badly need leadership. All of these obstacles can be overcome at this point, because you are the many and they are the few. And yes, by ‘they’ I also include the power structure and their hirelings who have brought a once proud and free nation to this point.

Arming Yourself

Arming yourselves is imperative, and not all that difficult. Basic but effective firearms can be constructed with a little knowledge, a secure workplace and some basic tools. They can also be stolen or smuggled in if necessary. You might also find that a lot of your fellow Brits have guns and ammo stowed away after reporting them as ‘lost’ or ‘stolen.’

There are also other weapons that can be obtained that are still quite effective and have advantages of their own. Crossbows are silent, accurate, easy to use and fairly deadly. A metal bolt from a modern crossbow can go through the walls of an average house or office. And they also have the advantage of leaving no powder traces or other telltale signs of being used, as well as no revealing flash at night to show where the shot came from. Modern re-cranking tools also make reloading a lot easier than it used to be. Swords, knives, axes and machetes can also be quite effective in the right time and place.

Organize Yourself

Your organizing should be on two levels, public and private. The public side might include politicians like the more nationalistic Tories such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, as well as UKIP and other parties and politicians willing to put aside their petty differences and unite. You may even find Muslims who came to the UK to leave behind things like sharia, jihad and honor killings willing to unite with you. Obviously, Tories like Rees-Mogg have no real place in their own party any more, and it is perhaps time they did their part to form a new political faction while an electoral solution is still possible and can turn this sorry situation around. The alternative to this kind of unity, of course, is that the UK will have a pro-Islamist Labour Prime Minister, either Jeremy Corbin or perhaps even London Mayor Saddiq Kahn. Given how close Corbin came last time and the current demographics, that’s a distinct possibility. And as for the Tories, you can see for yourself how cowardly many of them  are behaving.

The private side is something else again, and calls for a fair amount of security and secrecy. Back when Britain was in danger of being invaded by the Nazis, PM Winston Churchill put together an entire system of secret cells of resistance fighters throughout Britain, men with training in covert sabotage, assassination and other resistance activities who had secret, well hidden locations stocked with arms, explosives, food and ammo. Fortunately, they never had to be used but such a system would have been quite effective if the Nazis had actually invaded. Keeping the groups in small cells ensured that if any of them were captured, they would be able to give up only the members of their own cells at worst, no matter what was done to them. It’s a system worth exploring. And if you look around carefully, you might just find some of the old hands still alive from WWII or more recent conflicts like the Falklands or AfPak who would be willing to pass on a few tricks from their training.

Just so no one faints away from shock, I’m not talking about an insurrection. This can still be handled politically at this time. But I am talking about preparedness, which is always a virtue, especially for a free people. It often prevents totalitarian politicians from pursuing their heart’s desire.


Finally, leadership. I have an admission to make here. I’m not certain in the least what you consider leadership anymore. It seems like anyone who challenges what is being done to Britain these days is simply declared a ‘racist,’ fired and disgraced if they’re lucky and threatened – sorry, ‘cautioned’ – by the police, fined or even imprisoned if they’re not so lucky. And if they’re not UK citizens and try to enter the country to give a speech, be interviewed or attend a conference,  they’re detained and then deported with zero due process for what Mao’s Red Guard would have called ‘incorrect thought.’

Here in America, we have a president, Donald Trump who seems to champion exactly the policies that  are likely what the UK  needs to be rescued…a stop to importing Muslim migrants from some of the most violent, dangerous countries in the world, better vetting of migrants who were or are allowed in, a nationalist foreign policy, a strong military, defense of American workers and a championing of the right of the American people to be armed and  able to defend themselves.

Is it any wonder your press and your political leaders and overlords despise President Trump? That they insult him and paint him in the worst colors, that they defame him even to the point of demanding he be barred from coming to the UK? President Trump might not be perfect, because no president is. But just look at the political leaders you have! They’re actually engaged in the process of turning Britain from a free country into something far different, a nouveau version blending the worst elements of  1984 with A Clockwork Orange, except this time with Alex, Dim and his pals having names like Mohammed and Abdullah. I doubt even George Orwell’s or Anthony Burgess’s imagination stretched that far. And let’s not forget, you voted for these people. You chose them as your leaders. What were you thinking???

So my confusion is perhaps understandable.

Leadership is a funny thing. It can come from someone in an obvious position who steps forward in time of need, or from someone previously despised and rejected before, like Sir Winston Churchill. It can come from a military figure or a politician. It can even come out of nowhere when you least expect it. But you need to find it, and fast. Or perhaps, if you’re fortunate, it will find you at your hour of need.

Your Choice

In the end, the choice is up to you. What is your freedom worth to you, your children and your children’s children worth? Is this future I’ve painted above really what you want for yourselves and your posterity?

For what it’s worth, I’m hoping you get back up off the floor and win this one…for your own sake and for freedom’s. After all, you’ve done it before.