The blended future of Europe

The blended future of Europe

Get Used To It

This is the title of an article published in a Dutch national newspaper. The article discusses the demographic shift with Eric Kauffmann. He published a book titled ‘Whiteshift’, on the demographic change that Europe is facing.

Europe Will Be Light Brown

His main point is that within a century everyone in Europe will be light brown. His assumption is that immigration will continue and after a few decades more and more people will have mixed-race children. In the end, so he predicts, everyone will be of mixed origins. The result is an overall brown skin across the continent.

According to Kauffmann, this is inevitable. It is a natural event taking place, comparable to Protestants and Catholics mixing in the United States.

In his eyes, the change will only require Europeans to ‘get used to it’.

Understanding Populists

Kauffmann claims to understand current populist movements that are against immigration. He considers it a natural response for people when they notice such a big shift is happening. He does not try to deny that the population of Europe is changing, merely that they should not worry about it. Kauffmann thinks the populists need to accept their faith, and welcome the blending of populations.

Although, it is only Europe that needs to become a melting pot. Other countries in the world can maintain their national identities.

How would Europe look?

The question is of course, who will absorb whom? A light brown implies a minority of people from Africa and other areas of the world. But what happens when immigration continues indefinitely? Europe will get darker and darker. At some point, Europe will be as dark as parts of Africa. After all, the several hundred million Europeans are no match for the four billion Africans by 2100.

The natives can ‘absorb’ foreign elements and blend it in, only when the foreign element is a minority. If the natives are the minority, it is they that will be absorbed into the foreign population. It will be the natives that disappear and whose culture will disappear with them. If the ‘populists’ are concerned about preserving their culture and identity, it appears they have a good reason to be scared.


But even if it stays light brown, would that not destroy European diversity? In Kauffmann’s future, blonde hair, gingers, green eyes, all of it will be gone. Everyone will look alike. In this future, nationality and origin has no relevance. Or so he claims.

The United States has been a country for centuries and still has distinct ethnic populations between blacks, Hispanics and whites. India has existed for thousands of years and still has clear differences in skin tones. We see the same in countries like Brazil. We see the same in Romania, where the Roma are distinguishable from the native Romanians. The same is visible everywhere, we see that people have a clear preference to sexually reproduce within their in-group. And what do we see? In the United States genetic testing for heritage is wildly popular, people love to know where they are from and what their roots are. Somehow we should expect that this will all disappear in Europe?

More likely than his prediction of ‘everyone will have an equal light brown look’, we should expect there to be clusters of people from different origins, all in constant conflict with one another. If history provides us with any predictive ability for the future, than this scenario is far more realistic.