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Turning Europe Into A Fortress – Documentary

The Tower Guard, by Carel Fabritius

The Tower Guard, by Carel Fabritius

Making A Deal

Overwhelmed by the amount of migrants arriving into Europe – and perhaps even more by the outcry of native Europeans – the EU decided to cut a deal with Turkey. They give money to Turkey, and in return Turkey will attempt to limit the flow of migrants across its territory. However, the extortionate amount demanded by Turkey exemplifies the panic the EU was feeling. With its populace outraged and the eastern European members nearly revolting against the rulers in Brussels, they knew action was needed right now. Europe needs to turn more into a fortress.

One Wall For The Fortress Was Built

A large amount of migrants passed through Turkey to reach Europe. Unfortunately, it was not the only flow of migrants. Across Africa migrants were heading north, boarding unstable boats and rafts to reach the other side of the Mediterranean. The EU went to Africa to attempt to slow them down. The documentary below shows EU activities in Africa aimed at reducing the migrant flow.


”It Is Inevitable”

There is a general fatalist attitude towards the migration problem Europe faces. Many claim that Europe needs to embrace mass migration flows, as it is unstoppable. Frankly, that is nonsense. It is a statement given by those that want to shut down any discussion. The fatalist approach is similar in calling anyone that wishes to close the borders a ‘racist’.

Border control, sending migrants back to their home countries, not providing generous financial aid to migrants, and deals with flow-through countries like Turkey. All are options to reduce the flow of migrants. All options would fortify ‘Fortress Europa’.

Why Not Try?

It is even more shocking that the fatalist argument is widely accepted as true, despite many of the options above never even having been tried. Although zero illegal migration is likely impossible, it can be drastically reduced to an amount where the impact on Europe is no longer significant. Allowing 1% of population growth through migration is radically different from having migrants equal 20% of natural population growth.

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  1. They should look at the ‘NGO’s’ that are ferrying the migrants in from Africa

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