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Views on Refugees – The Savior Perspective

The debate on immigration runs into a roadblock. Left and right see each other as dumb or racist. But why? Fundamentally, it comes down to perception. How do they perceive refugees? What topics do they connect to refugees?

Christ carrying the cross
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USA has a 42% Budget Deficit

The United States has been in poor financial state for a while, but few are aware just how bad their situation is. In Europe, budget deficits are measured in comparison to the budget. That means that you measure what percentage of spending comes from borrowing money instead of tax revenue. In the United States, the standard appears to be to measure budget deficits against the size of the GDP. According to that measurement, the USA has a budget deficit around 13-14% for the years 2020 and 2021. If we adjust the federal budget deficit comparison, and compare it to the size of the actual budget spending, we reach a shocking conclusion. The United States has a 42% budget deficit. Nearly half of federal US spending comes from borrowed money.

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‘The Migration Myth’ Reviews!

A well-established point of view with detailed work.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 April 2021

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An interesting point of view, well explained and easy to understand, making us more aware of the world we live in. From his experience we can all learn how to deal with difficult situations. Prevention is the best method to be used in any domain, so preparing for the future we will create a better present. A nice and abounded, detailed reading, for a cold winter.

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Palm Oil – The Destroyer Of The Rainforest

Here at the Clovis Institute, we wish to preserve culture, traditions, and peoples. However, we also wish to preserve the earth as a whole. None of the above are able to exist without a livable planet.

Palm oil destroys the rainforest
Palm Oil Destroys the Rainforest
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The Demographic Change in Austria

Vienna, by Rudolf von Alt

Austria. Once the heart of a great Empire, now a small land-locked nation in the middle of Europe. The country inhabits around 8.8 million citizens. The population is growing, mostly due to the inflow of migrants. How will the demographic future of Austria look?

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Highschool Student Wins Prize For Highest Grade, Receives Book ”Fascism, A Warning” Because Of Connection To ”Right-wing” Party

Fascism, a warning. By Madeleine Albright

Fascism, a warning. By Madeleine Albright

The Graduation Ceremony

Dutch exam student Tristen Strijkert had the highest scores on the history test. As a reward, his teacher presented him with a gift. What was the gift? The book ”Fascism, a warning” by Madeleine Albright.

Tristen attended a school in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The events took place during the graduation ceremony for all those that had graduated from the high school. Before being called onto the stage to collect his certificate, his history teacher referred to Tristen’s affiliation with Forum voor Democratie.

The story was first shared in a tweet, but later picked up by Dutch journalist Wierd Duk who writes for the Telegraaf.

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