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Forbidden Statistics: Non-Western Immigrant Crime in Europe

Forbidden Statistics, Non-Western Immigrant Crime in Europe
Forbidden Statistics, by Joseph R. Oxfield

There are certain topics that appear to be forbidden, banned, simply not allowed. One of those is the overrepresentation of non-Western immigrants in crime statistics. They are literally forbidden statistics in many countries. Sensational websites such as (now offline) used to publish stories about gang rapes, riots, and other crimes where the perpetrator was – always – an immigrant. Most people seem to deny the overrepresentation of non-Western immigrants in crime, claiming it is purely due a bias in ‘racist’ websites such as This made me wonder, is that the case? Am I stuck in a bubble that promotes migrant crime articles? Or is there a truth behind it?

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“Great book: “The Migration Myth” “

‘Build your own social network!’

The start of 2021 saw something unprecedented take place in the online world. Twitter banned the President of the United States from using their platform. Big Tech has banned those with dissenting views before, but this is the first time they took on the supposedly most powerful man in the world. The big question that it raises is: Do private companies have a right to ban whoever they wish, or is it an attack on that person’s right to freedom of speech?

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The Migration Myth (Brand New Book)

How Uncontrolled, Unrestricted, and Unlimited Migration Destroys the West

On this website, we have tried to counter many of the false narratives that promote migration into Europe. Moreover, we have shown that the demographic change into Europe is real, and the consequences will be dire. Joseph R. Oxfield has gone one step further and written a book, ‘The Migration Myth‘.

The Migration Myth
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Guest Submission: An Open Letter To Britain And The British People

Hermes, messenger of the Gods

Hermes, messenger of the Gods

Guest Submissions

The Clovis Institute will sometimes share guest submissions. The article below was shared with us by Rob Miller, with the original article posted here.

The Open Letter

I must admit, I write this with mixed feelings. While I have a number of British friends and acquaintances,  I’m afraid I have little respect left as a whole for what Britain has become  today.

Whatever else can be said, Great Britain was once one of the free, civilized nations of the world, a country that exemplified the rule of law and the love of freedom. As many of you may now realize, that isn’t true anymore, and that saddens me. What’s happened recently will pretty much end Britain’s days as a beacon of liberty.

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The Launch of the Clovis Institute

Europe today finds itself in a fascinating time period. The collapse of the Soviet Union ushered in a new era, bringing the nations of Europe closer together again. However, success is not all we are seeing in Europe, as many problems and dilemma’s have arisen as well. The economic inequality between EU member-states, the massive flows of migrants, the debate between sovereignty and federalism within the EU, the disagreement about the direction and polarization in European parliaments, and these are only the most blatantly obvious. Over the coming years, Europe will need to decide in which direction it is heading and how it wishes to shape the future. So far Europe has generally responded in a ‘reactive’ way, coming up with solutions after a problem occurred. In order to become ‘proactive’ Europe will need to figure out where it stands in the world. Europe will need a better understanding of internal cultural differences and power struggles, as well as figuring out where it stands on a global level. The ‘West vs East’ bi-polar distribution of power in the world ended decades ago, and it is clear the world is starting to move away from the mono-power of the United States.

Europe started to lose its position as a center of power after the First World War, and disappeared into the shadows after the Second World War. Living in the shadows of world superpowers these last centuries, Europe appears to have forgotten a part of its history, and with that a part of its identity. In essence, we believe Europe is lost. Europe has forgotten its location; geographically, politically and historically. Note that when we speak of ‘Europe’, we are talking about the people in the geographical region of Europe, from Atlantic to Bosporus and the Ural mountains.

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