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Podcast on Europa Terra Nostra

‘The Migration Myth’ Reviews!

A well-established point of view with detailed work.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 April 2021

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An interesting point of view, well explained and easy to understand, making us more aware of the world we live in. From his experience we can all learn how to deal with difficult situations. Prevention is the best method to be used in any domain, so preparing for the future we will create a better present. A nice and abounded, detailed reading, for a cold winter.

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Interview with ‘Europa Terra Nostra – ETN’

Europa Terra Nostra is a Europe-wide organization promoting nationalism all over the continent. The website’s ‘about‘ tells us that “Europa Terra Nostra is a not-for-profit association constituted under and governed by Swedish law. The ETN’s current Board consists of Dan Eriksson (Chairman, Sweden), Ivan Bilokapic (Vice Chairman, Croatia) and Jens Pühse (Treasurer and Secretary General, Germany).” They gave the Clovis Institute an exclusive and eloquent interview, which you can read below. A big thanks to ETN and Sascha for participating in the interview.

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Palm Oil – The Destroyer Of The Rainforest

Here at the Clovis Institute, we wish to preserve culture, traditions, and peoples. However, we also wish to preserve the earth as a whole. None of the above are able to exist without a livable planet.

Palm oil destroys the rainforest
Palm Oil Destroys the Rainforest
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Forbidden Statistics: Non-Western Immigrant Crime in Europe

Forbidden Statistics, Non-Western Immigrant Crime in Europe
Forbidden Statistics, by Joseph R. Oxfield

There are certain topics that appear to be forbidden, banned, simply not allowed. One of those is the overrepresentation of non-Western immigrants in crime statistics. They are literally forbidden statistics in many countries. Sensational websites such as (now offline) used to publish stories about gang rapes, riots, and other crimes where the perpetrator was – always – an immigrant. Most people seem to deny the overrepresentation of non-Western immigrants in crime, claiming it is purely due a bias in ‘racist’ websites such as This made me wonder, is that the case? Am I stuck in a bubble that promotes migrant crime articles? Or is there a truth behind it?

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“Great book: “The Migration Myth” “

The Danish Way – Say No to Immigration

Denmark, a country with 5.8 million inhabitants just north of Germany. Despite proximity, the Danish attitude is very different. Mette Frederiksen is Prime Minister of Denmark for the Social Democrats. Now, she announced that Denmark has the target of zero asylum seekers in Denmark, in order to protect social cohesion.

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‘Build your own social network!’

The start of 2021 saw something unprecedented take place in the online world. Twitter banned the President of the United States from using their platform. Big Tech has banned those with dissenting views before, but this is the first time they took on the supposedly most powerful man in the world. The big question that it raises is: Do private companies have a right to ban whoever they wish, or is it an attack on that person’s right to freedom of speech?

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