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The End of Individualism

The last couple of centuries, Western Europe witnessed technological development and relative stability. Since the Napoleonic era, wars have been short, generally lasting only a few years. Afterwards, life returned to normal. This trend came to its ultimate climax after World War 2, granting Western Europe more than seven decades of continuous peace. This peace and stability has been an essential fundament to the rise of individualism. It was only once our grander conflicts ceased, that we could focus on our petty internal conflicts.

The Spartan Army
The Spartan Army
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Views on Refugees – The Savior Perspective

The debate on immigration runs into a roadblock. Left and right see each other as dumb or racist. But why? Fundamentally, it comes down to perception. How do they perceive refugees? What topics do they connect to refugees?

Christ carrying the cross
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USA has a 42% Budget Deficit

The United States has been in poor financial state for a while, but few are aware just how bad their situation is. In Europe, budget deficits are measured in comparison to the budget. That means that you measure what percentage of spending comes from borrowing money instead of tax revenue. In the United States, the standard appears to be to measure budget deficits against the size of the GDP. According to that measurement, the USA has a budget deficit around 13-14% for the years 2020 and 2021. If we adjust the federal budget deficit comparison, and compare it to the size of the actual budget spending, we reach a shocking conclusion. The United States has a 42% budget deficit. Nearly half of federal US spending comes from borrowed money.

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Inflation hits Europe

We’ve mentioned inflation in Germany in a previous post, but what about the high levels of inflation outside of the Eurozone? Wouldn’t that be evidence that the euro is not to blame?

The Money Changer and His Wife, by Quentin Matsys
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Inflation hits Germany

Official inflation in Germany has reached a staggering 4.5%. Germany hasn’t seen such price increases in nearly thirty years. One of the leading causes of the inflation is the increase in energy prices, which are dependent on the price of natural gas. Energy prices have risen 18.6% year over year.

The Money Counter, by Pompeo Massani
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The EU creates the gas shortage

This fall Europe has been surprised by a dramatic increase in gas prices. Prices have doubled, tripled, quadrupled, and simply continued to rise. Commentators struggle to explain this sudden price explosion, and they fail to see the one true cause. The European Union wishes to be ‘green‘. This desire to reduce CO2 emissions is what is driving up gas prices. But how?

The Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines from Russia to Germany
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The Unholy Crusade Against Hungary

Recently, the European Union has scaled up its struggle against Hungarian sovereignty. Laws against homosexual propaganda triggered the latest stir, but the real issue at hand is not one that has anything to do with the advertisement of sodomy in elementary schools.

The Return of the Crusader, 1835 (oil on canvas) by Lessing, Carl Friedrich (1808-80)
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Denmark introduces ‘Offshore Hubs’

Denmark is showing the world that if there’s a desire to curve immigration, then there are plenty of opportunities to do so. The Danes have little interest in watching their safe and happy welfare state getting sacrificed for the sake of multiculturalism and ‘diversity’.

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