“History is past politics, and politics is present history.” – E.K. Freeman


The Clovis Institute is an independent organization which seeks to ensure the continuity and preservation of Europe. If you would like to get in touch please find further information here.

Our Goal

First and foremost, our goal is to educate and influence the debates regarding Europe’s future.

What is missing?

Schools and institutions will teach classes on geography, on culture, on history, and so on. However, they rarely link these subjects together to explain the world we live in. Moreover, they rarely center on Europe’s interests. That is why we have chosen for our trinity; geography, history and culture. Three elements that are necessary to understand Europe, and creating an understanding is required before policies can be formed.

The debate on many topics is severely limited, due to poor education and low-quality media. Nonetheless, Europe needs these debates.

What do we hope to add?

We hope to stimulate the debate between all those living in Europe and create a deeper level of understanding – of Europe and its place in the world.

Our Values

  • History of Europe and the world
  • Culture and the values and traditions of Europe
  • Geographical location of Europe and how it influences the past, present and future

Understanding all three is the key to Europe’s preservation.

Our Publications

We have published the book ‘The Migration Myth’, written by our founder J.R. Oxfield. The book lays out all points discussed on the website and more. You can read more about the book here, including where to buy it (hint; Amazon).

The abduction of Europa

The abduction of Europa